So, What Is Church For?

First, there’s a subtle but important distinction to make. A church is not an “it” – it’s not the building. A church is a “we” – it’s a gathering of people who believe Jesus is the Son of God. He is our hope for eternal life. Christians band together as a group to accomplish His purposes as best we can. So when you are considering participating in a church, you are considering joining a group of people who have the purpose of serving Jesus.

So, with that understanding in mind…what’s the purpose of a church, and why join with one? There are four reasons a group of Jesus’ followers gather together as a church.

Worship is bigger than just acknowledging there is a higher power. Worship is admitting that God is supreme and deserves our complete devotion. God has always asked His followers to meet together and proclaim that He is worthy, in front of each other and in front of the world. So that’s what we do…we worship.
We gather together to encourage each other to become more like Jesus in our thoughts, actions and attitudes. Christians call it “growing in faith” or “spiritually maturing.” We listen together to the words of Jesus and His first followers. Then we gather in small groups to have conversations about how those things fit into life in the 21st century. We listen to what Jesus said about the type of person to be, and then challenge and encourage each other to become just that.
We gather as a church to serve our communities and the world in the same way Jesus would if He were here personally. The mission of Jesus was service. He did something for us we could not do for ourselves, with no thought of getting something in return. When we gather as a church, we try to demonstrate that same attitude. We intentionally look to serve others in ways that Jesus would, without worrying about getting something out of it.
Jesus said He was here for the salvation of the world. We band together as Jesus’ followers to share that message with anyone who’s willing to listen. We, with Jesus, long for none to perish, but for all to have everlasting life. Jesus brought us salvation by taking our sins to the cross. We are to share this message of grace with all who will listen to an invitation to accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus.

So those are the reasons to connect with a church. It’s a group of believers we join in order to worship God the way He deserves; grow to be more like Jesus; serve others the way Jesus would; and support our sharing His good news with the world.  Whatever church you attend, that’s the purpose you join…the purpose of Jesus!

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