Matt 11: 28, 29; John 15:1-5; Ps 61:4

Have you ever noticed that young children leave the safety of a caregiver’s knee to explore the world, only to return frequently to that same, safe knee for a new dose of courage before going out again, perhaps to venture a bit farther? As children of God, this behavior may be significant to our own spiritual well-being.
As we go about our lives, doing the basic things of life or serving the Lord in some way, we are often afflicted by restlessness (well I am at least). Our minds search for meaning, for guidance, for strength, and for whatever else might make us comfortable and serene. Jesus is Lord of our lives and draws us to contact God as a beloved child. Perhaps the following meditative scene will illustrate this. Maybe this is even similar to how Jesus was strengthened as He sought His/our Father to gather strength for what He was to do next.
The meditator might say “Lord, You are everything to me but I still have a restless, searching desire for something but I don’t know what. I want to feel peaceful and safe and to be a faithful servant who honors You. Please help me. You are my rock, Jesus.” And this visualization might be how the Lord answers: “In my mind I see my Lord and King, standing strong and unshakeable and oh so welcoming. As I come near in stillness, You open Your arms and wrap them around me. I feel safe, warm and at rest. The area around us is a circle which is ours alone. The storms of life are kept away. My thoughts still as I rest my head on Your shoulder and peace floods my soul. Your strong arms support me but do not confine me. I am free to move away, but in Your arms I feel anchored and secure. You give me respite as I stand here feeling safe, warm, and loved. But allowing me to stay here forever is not Your plan. You are preparing me for the next assignment, whether it is an inner work or something directed outwardly. You hold me loosely so I can move forward and rejoin my ordinary life as I feel ready and as you direct. I finally understand that I can move into this place of safety, Your arms, in the midst of whatever else is happening and as often as I need. I must remember this! Your welcoming arms are always here for me and are as near as a breath so I can always touch the encompassing love You have for me. You are my contentment. You are my rest. I worship You.”
Each of us will have a different mental picture of a place of rest. God planned it this way when He gave us different personalities, but we can be assured that He and His rest are always present and waiting for each one who calls Him Savior. Praise be to our God whose Holy Spirit guides us into closer union with our Lord, Jesus Christ.